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solutions for wind and solar complementary street lamp system

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Wind solar complementary street lamp is composed of wind turbine, solar panel, controller, battery, lamps, lamp pole, etc.

wind solar power street light

The wind solar complementary street lamp takes the wind solar complementary power generation as the power source, and is suitable for use in areas with certain wind and light conditions, such as roads, suburban roads, tourist attractions, development zones, etc. If the conditions are suitable, such as advertising, landscape, site, green lighting, you can also use landscape complementary street lights. The landscape complementary street lamps represent the development direction of future street lamps.

Wind power generation is the main form of wind energy complementary street lamps, supplemented by solar power generation. The ratio of the two is about 10:3, so normal night lighting can also be maintained in rainy days for several days. We will recommend appropriate ratio of wind power generation for customers according to local meteorological conditions and actual needs.

Characteristics of street lamps with wind solar complementary system:

1. Environmental protection -- zero emission of pollution;

2. Energy saving -- converting wind and light energy into electric energy;

3. Saving - saving a lot of conventional power transformation and distribution facilities;

4. Safety - mature technology, safe and reliable;

5. Beautiful -- a unique landscape.

solar wind light power

Composition of wind solar  complementary street lamp system:

A. Wind turbine

Type selection of wind turbine generator: DC wind turbine generator or AC wind turbine generator;

Power selection of wind turbine generator: 300W, 400W, mostly equipped with low-speed permanent magnet motor;

Voltage selection of wind turbine generator: DC12V, DC24V, mainly for LED lights and medium and small power HID lights; AC220V, 380V, for large HID lamps, special electronic rectifiers for solar energy shall be equipped;

B. Solar panel

Monocrystalline silicon has high photoelectric conversion rate, and polycrystalline silicon has strong weak light, so the latter is widely used in solar cell panels for wind solar complementary street lamps.

The rated power of solar panels provided by our company includes 55W, 60W, 65W, 80W, 85W, 90W, 100W, 120W, 130W, 150W, etc.

C. Controller

Used to control: wind power generation; Solar power generation; Street lamp power supply (AC or DC); Charging and discharging of storage battery; Light control or time control.

Protection function: anti reverse charging protection at night; Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection; Battery open circuit protection; Load overvoltage protection; Output overload protection; Output short-circuit protection; Reverse connection protection of solar cells; Lightning protection, etc.

D. Battery pack

Generally, maintenance free lead-acid batteries are equipped, which are installed in the middle of street lamp poles or buried underground • Battery pack: 12V, 24V, 45~200Ah. Based on 6-10 hours of daily work_ It can work continuously for 3-7 rainy days.

E. Street light source

Optional LED lights - 15W, 21W, 30W, 42W, 60W, 80W, 90W, 120W; DC12V and 24V power supply have long service life and high glare value.

F. Lamp post

The lamp column is generally 6-12m high. The battery is installed at the lower part of the lamp post, and the wind turbine and solar panel are installed at the upper part. The lamp post is required to have high strength and supporting foundation.

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