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Welcome Jiangsu Partners Visiting OULU

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       Welcome Jiangsu Automobile Manufacturers Visiting OULU

On February 17, 2022, our partners Jiangsu Huazi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. and ZhongQi ShiQi intelligent technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. visited Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd.


Jiang Hua, chairman of Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd., warmly received the visiting leaders, introduced the company's general situation, development process, main products, core competitiveness and future development direction, planning and objectives, and made a detailed introduction to the company's product characteristics, performance, industry distribution, market development, management concepts and practices and honors in recent years, Emphasize that the company takes technological innovation as the main line, strategy and fine management as the support, market and industry development as the starting point and corporate culture as the basis to promote the healthy and stable development of the enterprise; It emphasizes that the company should strengthen internal management, practice internal skills, lay a good foundation, pay attention to national policy guidance, industry development trend, technology and product innovation achievements, and pay attention to the development of ecological chain and strategic cooperation of the company.


President Jiang particularly introduced the basis, layout, planning and strategy of the company's new energy business development, introduced the policies, layout, current situation, practices, characteristics, integration and integration paths and experience learned from recent personal visits to relevant industries and enterprises, and introduced the opinions and opinions of continental electric on the basis, products and related technologies in this regard, Talking about the company's ideas and expectations for this business, he expressed great confidence and prospect for possible strategic cooperation.

The partners also made in-depth and detailed communication on the basis, products, methods and future of bilateral cooperation, and the two sides reached agreement and consensus in many aspects.


Finally, accompanied by Mr Jiang, Ms Yang and other leaders, the partners visited the company's display room, electrical manufacturing department, motor manufacturing department, storage department and other departments. During this visit, the two sides continuously exchanged and interacted, expressed great interest in the product series of continental electric and sincerely praised the management of the company, Fully agree with the company's automation equipment and production line capacity.

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