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These are related to the solar power system news, in which you can learn about the updated information in solar power system, to help you better understand and expand solar power system market. Because the market for solar power system is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Good News!!! OULU won the bidding with total amount more than 10 million RMB
    Nanjing Oulu electric won the bid for the centralized procurement project of solar power generation system of China Mobile Tibet Company from 2020 to 2022China Mobile Tibet's 2020-2022 centralized procurement project of solar power generation system was opened on June 15, 2020. Nanjing Oulu Electric
  • India customer visted Oulu , seeking for cooperation
    On 16th May 2023, a group of indian customers vistied oulu, seeking for long term cooperation. They are very appreciated on our production capacity and quality control as well as our advanced production and testing equipments, and has concluded OEM agreement and purchased samples on site.
  • Solar power system installed in Mohe for China Mobile's Project
    Olu Solar power system is installed in Heilongjiang province, Mohe
  • Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar Power System
    If you are interested in investing in a solar power system for your residential or commercial property you probably know that there are two broad categories that you can choose to go with; these being grid connected or off-grid systems.Grid connected systems, as the name implies, are solar power sys
  • Navigation mark application of wind solar complementary power generation system
    Navigation mark application of wind solar complementary power generation systemSolar power generation has been applied to navigation aids in some areas of China, especially lighthouse piles, but there are also some problems. The most prominent is the lack of solar power generation under continuous b
  • How to select a solar charge controller
    In its basic forms, solar PV is a very straightforward proposition. Hook a solar panel up to a DC load and it will run until the sun goes down. Connect solar panels to a grid-tied inverter and, as long as the sun is shining, power will be sent to the utility. It’s all fairly easy — until the sun sto
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