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Oulu Supply Wind Solar Hybrid Power System for China Mobile

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Usually the remote communication base station can only obtain power from the rural power grid with disadvantages of poor stability ,long transmission line , weak reliability of the power supply system, and high construction investment . Considering this circumstance, we have independently researched&developed and manufactured our own wind solar hybrid power system for communication base station. 

This system does not need energy distribution and it is not limited by the environment of the project site as well. System installation is easy and low cost. The configuration scheme of power generation system can be designed according to the requirements of different power loads of communication base stations, so as to meet the requirements of power loads of various communication base stations and ensure the safety and smoothness of communication.

Oulu supply complete solar wind hybrid power system for China Mobile Xinjiang branch. System components includes solar modules, wind turbine generator, wind solar complementary control inverter cabinet, wind turbine dump load, batteries, pv connection cables,etc.


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