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Approaching the Winter Olympics, Approaching the photovoltaic !

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Approaching the Winter Olympics, Approaching the photovoltaic

On February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened. Every scene of the opening ceremony gathered the wisdom and sweat of people in various fields such as 5g infrastructure, artificial intelligence and new energy. In such a digital era, Chinese people are proud of every flash scene at the opening ceremony. Our scientific and technological strength has also shocked many foreign media participating in the report, which has been widely publicized and reported and praised by all parties.

The scientific and technological strength of this winter Olympic Games is far more than this. Compared with "black technology", it is more appropriate to use "green technology"! Because this winter Olympics is the first ever Olympic Games in which 100% of all venues use green power. It is predicted that by the end of the winter Paralympic Games, the three competition areas and 26 venues are expected to consume about 400 million kwh of green electricity, save 128000 tons of standard coal and 320000 tons of carbon dioxide. The use of clean energy vehicles accounts for about 85%.

This is a strong foothold for China to show the effectiveness of energy transformation to the world under the theme of world carbon emission reduction. In these stable green power supply, photovoltaic plays a vital supporting role.

The most beautiful "corridor" of Beijing Winter Olympics

Jingzhang Olympic welcoming corridor photovoltaic power generation project is located in Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City. Focusing on the three concepts of "sustainable development, athlete center and frugal competition", it makes use of local superior natural lighting resources and China's mountain territory to integrate energy, industry, landscape and humanities. It not only contributes to the green winter Olympics, but also a model to show Chinese wisdom and culture.

Photovoltaic power poverty alleviation

In addition to the photovoltaic corridor, there are other centralized photovoltaic "fields" around Beijing and Zhangjiakou, such as Zhangjiakou Chongli poverty alleviation photovoltaic power station, which is the only ground centralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation project for the Winter Olympic Games. The installed capacity of the power station is 30 MW. It is built on barren mountains and slopes within the scope of villages. It can provide about 44.43 million kwh of green power every year and save 14700 tons of standard coal. The project will help 1000 households in poverty every year, with a poverty relief fund of about 3 million, and subsidies for 20 consecutive years. This project not only guarantees the energy supply for the Winter Olympics, but also enables the heating and power supply of the surrounding people to realize the "coal to electricity", bringing them a cleaner living environment and better quality of life. Photovoltaic has become a veritable "hematopoietic" project.

Venue construction and the stage of photovoltaic technology

The most remarkable thing about this winter Olympic Games is the competition venues. They are in place in terms of avant-garde fields such as plastic arts and scientific and technological applications, as well as infrastructure such as practical performance and safety guarantee! Among them, a lot of efforts have been invested in the application of photovoltaic and other new energy.

The "ice ribbon" of the national speed skating hall is like falling into the galaxy in the night sky. The blue colors of different colors are interspersed, adding more sense of science and technology and speed to the venue. This is the only newly-built ice competition venue in Beijing competition area. It follows the construction concept of green and environmental protection. The surface of the venue adopts curved photovoltaic curtain wall, which is spliced by 12000 gem blue photovoltaic power generation glass, taking into account the two needs of architectural aesthetics and green construction.

The Winter Olympic venue "ice water chestnut flower" combines photovoltaic with buildings more efficiently and concisely, and 1958 photovoltaic panels and about 600 kW photovoltaic power generation system are laid on the roof. The hollowed out grid curtain wall on the periphery of the building forms a space combining virtual and real with the main building. When night falls, under the energy storage power supply of photovoltaic system, flakes of shining snowflakes appear, adding a dreamy color to the venue. It is reported that the venue can achieve an annual power supply of about 700000 kwh, save 252 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon emission by about 697.8 tons. It is also a "green" venue that can not be underestimated.

Photovoltaic throughout every corner

In addition to the Winter Olympic venues, the Winter Olympic village where athletes live and the park where the Olympic Organizing Committee works are also covered with photovoltaic. Even the service station next to the "ice ribbon" for emergency consultation has been made into a "zero carbon cabin" powered by photovoltaic and wind power. It can be seen that adhering to the concept of "Green Olympics", this winter Olympic Games has spread photovoltaic to all corners.

Of course, in addition to photovoltaic, there is also the integration of clean energy such as wind energy and hydropower, as well as high and new technologies in heating, ice making, sewage and other fields, which contributed to the grand occasion that this winter Olympic Games is completely supported by green electricity. Photovoltaic can be used as an important source of green power, which also benefits from China's technical foreshadowing and market expansion in the field of photovoltaic in recent years. In 2021, the excellent achievements of China's photovoltaic are expected, and it is also expected that China's photovoltaic will reach a higher level in 2022, which is also the direction of Neng Huanbao.

Just like this winter Olympics, what China conveys to the world is not only the Olympic spirit of our courage to fight and challenge ourselves, but also Chinese wisdom, Chinese science and technology, Chinese culture, as well as China's attitude and actions in energy transformation! The theme slogan of "together to the future" not only represents the future of peaceful progress of all countries in the world, but also the future of harmonious coexistence between man and nature!

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