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  • ​Nanjing OULU successful installation and delivery of wind solar complementary power supply system to China Mobile Inner Mongolia Company
    Nanjing Oulu Electric Corp has been deeply involved in the communication base station wind solar complementary project for many years, providing a complete set of integrated solutions for the wind solar complementary power supply system for the base station. It has mature solutions and a large number of application cases, and has a large market share in China. The system configuration of the communication base station wind solar complementary project includes wind turbines, solar modules, communication integrated control cabinets, battery packs, and outdoor storage boxes for batteries. The communication integrated control cabinet adopts a modular design that fully meets the communication power supply standards. It adopts modular control, and the system is divided into commercial power modules, photovoltaic modules, wind turbine modules, and diesel generator modules. Each module works independently and coordinates with each other, facilitating maintenance and expansion, and meets the
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