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Solar water pumping project

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The solar photovoltaic water pumping system has long-term pverwhelming economic advantages compared with frequent pumping diesel.  Developing of this energy saving products will bring good economic and social benefits for modern agriculture in arid areas.  Taking using solar energy, the photovoltaic water pumping control system can be flexibly used for farmland irrigation, providing clean drinking water for human and livestock, developing courtyard economy, beautifying the park, constructing color fountains, increasing oxygen for fish and shrimp ponds, water supply and drainage of coastal salt farms, etc

solar water pumping project

solar water pumping system

Solar photovoltaic water pumping system consists of photovoltaic arrays, solar water pumping controller, solar water pump.

1. PV array change solar radiation directly into electrical energy.

2. PV water pumping controller change DC into AC, control the pump frequency conversion and track maximum power output;

3. Photovoltaic pump is a multistage centrifugal pump with a wide and efficient work area.  It is equipped with special solar-powered electrical components the pumping device.

water pumping system solar panels

Solar Water Pump System for Drip Irrigation System Farm Agriculture Solar Water Pumping Controller Solar Panel /Power Controller

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