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Solar communication base station

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Solar communication base station is a type of communication base station powered by photovoltaic power generation technology. Such base stations are very reliable, safe and free from noise and other pollution and public hazards. It has the advantages of simple installation and maintenance, low operating cost, suitable for unattended operation, good compatibility, and wide availability. These advantages of it can largely solve the problem of difficult power supply for base stations in remote areas.

According to the characteristics of the base station and the type of the base station, different power sources are used to supply power to the base station. The power supply methods are divided into the following types:

1) Independent solar power supply. Only the solar photovoltaic array is used to supply power to the load, and it is mainly used in remote areas without power supply, such as mountainous areas and islands. This kind of base station requires a large output power of the photovoltaic array, which can meet various weather changes.

2) Mainly powered by solar energy and equipped with high frequency switching power supply mode. This method has a higher level of power supply security, and is generally equipped with a diesel engine or electricity as a backup power supply, which is suitable for more important base stations.

3) Wind-solar hybrid power supply. It is mainly used in areas with good wind resources and solar energy resources and poor power supply. Wind energy and solar energy can supply power to the base station load at the same time or in a time-sharing manner to improve the reliability of power supply.

4) High frequency switching power supply mode. In areas with abundant power supply, most base stations use this power supply method, and the supporting uninterruptible power supply can ensure uninterrupted operation of the base station throughout the day.

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