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Remote Power Systems

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Remote Power Systems

We have more than fifteen years of experience in designing and supplying remote power solutions for an untold number of off-grid structures including communication base stations, secluded cabins, hunting and camping cabins, cottages, and tiny houses, outbuildings, off-grid businesses, and any location where it is cost-prohibitive to extend the main power grid. This experience has led us to create a range of remote power systems that allow you to power off-grid applications in remote locations.

remote solar power system

Our many satisfied customers include the US Fish & Wildlife Service, game hunters, cabin owners, and homeowners. We have also provided consultation, equipment, and other assistance to many solar installation companies across North America.

Mongolia remote telecom solar wind system

We supply a range of remote power systems to meet your needs.  But if none our pre-packaged remote solar power systems is just right to meet your needs, feel free to send messages to us, we'll design a system that does meet your specific needs and at a price you can get behind.  And all of our systems are, of course, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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