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Oulu participate in 2018.3 PV EXPO exhibition in Japan

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Smart energy week, the world's largest comprehensive energy exhibition, was launched in big sight, Tokyo on February 28, 2018. The exhibition includes eight professional exhibitions such as PV Expo and PV system Expo, with 1580 companies from 33 countries participating at the same time.


After the Paris agreement came into force, "low carbon emission reduction" has become a global consensus, creating greater development space for renewable energy. The development of renewable energy must have three aspects: energy creation, energy conservation and energy storage. The Smart Energy Week exhibition in Japan includes energy creation (PV Expo, PV system Expo, wind Expo, biomass Expo, FC Expo and next generation thermal power exhibition) and energy storage (battery Japan), while energy conservation is presented in the smart grid Expo from

The perspective of total solution.

With a variety of differentiated and efficient component products ,wind turbine generator and off grid solar power system for street light & monitor / residential / industrial / commercial / communication base station,  OULU made a heavy debut in this exhibition to show our strength as China's leading energy corporation.



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