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Oulu Participated in Solar PV World Expo 2022 in Guangzhou

Views: 0     Author: bonnie     Publish Time: 2022-08-26      Origin: Site

From 9th to 11th August, Solar PV World Expo 2022 was held in Guangzhou .

There are more than 900 brands participating in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 60000 m2.

In addition to production technology and research equipment, photovoltaic production equipment and solar photovoltaic application products, there are also many photovoltaic projects and systems, such as off grid solar photovoltaic system, photovoltaic system integration, solar photovoltaic energy storage technology equipment and system, smart grid energy storage power station system, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar energy detection and control system, photovoltaic building integration technology Process control of solar photovoltaic engineering, etc.

Nanjing Oulu Electric Corp brought many hot products to the exhibition. The products on display include: hybrid inverter (off grid inverter, on off grid inverter), wind turbine generator, wind solar hybrid controller inverter integrated machine, solar MPPT controller, communication base station control cabinet, etc., which attracted a large number of customers to stop and negotiate.

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