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Oulu Brand New Energy Products Shine Brightly at the Solar Africa Kenya Exhibition!

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Oulu Brand New Energy Products Shine Brightly at the Solar Africa Kenya Exhibition!

On May 18-20, 2023, the 8th Kenya International Solar Africa Exhibition was held as scheduled at the Kenya International Convention Center (KICC) in Nairobi.

Solar Africa Kenya is an important exchange and exhibition platform for the solar energy industry in Kenya, renowned throughout East and Central Africa. Due to the increasing demand for solar projects and products in Africa, it is expected that the participation rate of major global solar industry players in the exhibition will increase by at least 30% in 2023. The Kenya International Solar Expo is currently the largest and most influential solar industry event in Kenya and even the entire East African region. The organizer, Expo Group, is the most influential organizer in Africa and the Middle East, and the solar, lighting, and machinery industry exhibitions held in countries such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Rwanda have also received much attention.

Our company Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of solar and wind power generation equipment that specializes in research and development, production, sales, and service. The company has been committed to the new energy industry for 16 years since 2007. The main new energy products include wind turbines, solar controller inverters, solar hybrid inverters off grid and on off grid, wind solar complementary controllers, wind solar complementary control inverter integrated machines, etc. In addition to new energy products, our company also develops and produces industrial automation products, including VFD, servo motors, and servo drives.

At this Solar Africa Expo, our company successfully debuted in Kenya with new energy products such as wind turbines, wind turbine controllers, energy storage inverters, solar controllers, wind solar complementary controller inverters, and lithium battery packs, attracting batches of professional customers from the new energy industry to negotiate cooperation. On the first day of the exhibition, oulu company became the hottest booth in the entire solar exhibition and was awarded an honorary certificate by the organizer.

Many African clients who have never met before but worked together for many years also come to oulu booth for face-to-face communication and exchange. Some customers in communication expressed strong interest after seeing the actual product in the show and expressed their desire to act as our local agent and sign an agency contract on the spot. Some customers happen to have a project in hand, and our team immediately designed the system and provided a quotation accordingly on site. Some customers hope to buy all the samples after the exhibition and prepay the sample cost on the first day of the exhibition. All product lines from oulu are deeply loved and welcomed by African friends. In addition to successfully selling all the exhibits brought, an order of 57000 US dollars was also signed on site, and an intention order of 130000 US dollars was reached.

Our company has strong research and development capabilities, reliable product quality, and a wide range of products. We can provide customers with complete new energy solutions. We are currently seeking partners globally. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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