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On off grid inverter with parallel function 5000w

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We produce on off grid inverters 48vdc 3kva 3.5kva 5kva with CE certificate.

on off grid inverter supplier

GII series off grid energy storage inverter combines the functions of inverter, MPPT solar controller, mains charging, etc. to provide stable power supply for power equipment in areas without electricity, power shortage and power instability. Under the condition of ensuring the power supply of the load, the surplus power generated by the photovoltaic module can also be fed into the power grid. Based on the full digital intelligent design, the product adopts advanced SPWM technology, outputs pure sine wave, converts DC power into AC power, and is suitable for AC loads such as household appliances, electric tools, industrial equipment, electronic video and audio. LCD display design is adopted to display the operation data and operation status of the system in real time. Comprehensive electronic protection function ensures that the whole system is safer and more stable.

solar panel inverter

Functional Characteristics 

● pure sine wave inverter;

● integrated MPPT controller / charger;

● the priority of mains and photovoltaic power supply can be set;

● wide PV input voltage;

● battery type can be set, supporting lead-acid and lithium batteries;

● functions and parameters can be set through LCD;

● up to 9 parallel machines can be supported;

● independent operation without battery.

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