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Olu Launches New Hybrid Inverter Off Grid 5.5KVA 8KVA 10KVA 48V

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Olu has launched our new bigger power solar hybrid inverter off grid MAXII Series 5500w 8000w 10000w.

MAXII series off grid energy storage inverter combines inverter, MPPT solar controller, mains charging and other functions to provide uninterruptible power supply for electric equipment in areas without power, power shortage and power instability.

The product is based on full digital intelligent design, adopts advanced SPWM technology, outputs pure sine wave, converts direct current into alternating current, and is applicable to household appliances, electric tools, industrial equipment, electronic audio and video and other AC loads.

The LCD screen is used to display the operation data and status of the system in real time. Comprehensive electronic protection functions ensure that the whole system is safer and more stable.

5.5kw solar inverter

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