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Offshore wind turbine

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With the vigorous development of society, people's awareness of environmental protection has been gradually established. In the past, people used to burn coal and other energy for development, but this is a kind of damage to the environment, so now they are developing clean energy. Wind power generation is a very efficient way of clean power generation, but why do many wind farms need to be built on the sea?

marine wind generator

Wind power is a kind of green energy because it comes from nature and does not produce pollutants. However, the large-scale wind power generation system will emit some noise, and the tall tower will also interfere with the TV signal, and affect the urban construction planning. Therefore, the wind power generation system should not only be built in the place where the wind is strong and sustained, but also be far away from urban residential areas, such as the mountain pass in the mountains or the wide sea.

wind turbine in Mongalia

In recent years, offshore wind power has been greatly developed. Compared with the implementation of wind power on land, the implementation of wind power at sea has many advantages: there is no barrier of hills and buildings at sea, and the friction resistance of sea water to wind is also significantly less than that of land, so the wind force at sea is significantly greater than that on land. Therefore, the wind energy output at sea is about 50% higher than that on land. In addition, the installation of offshore wind turbines is simple. Only 300-400 tons of special cranes are required for the installation of an offshore wind turbine, while a special construction road is required on land.

wind turbine generator sample

Although the construction of offshore wind farm does not need to build roads, it needs to build a solid foundation for wind turbines. For shallow sea wind farms, the concrete foundation of the wind turbine can be sunk into the seabed like a bridge. In the deep sea, the floating hollow concrete can only be used as the foundation of the fan, and the hollow concrete foundation can be stabilized by ropes and anchors.

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