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Off Grid Solar Power and the Benefits of Switching to Renewable Energy Sources

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Off Grid Solar Power and the Benefits of Switching to Renewable Energy Sources

Solar power is abundantly available, in fact by harvesting the solar power using several solar panels will enable you to completely eliminate your electricity bills and get the satisfaction of living off grid. You will no longer have to be affected by power outages or pay enormous electric bills month after month. To start living off grid and build your very own solar power system, you need the following basic components.

solar hybrid inverter

Some storage batteries

Solar Cells


Copper wire

Copper sheets

Sewing Gun

Screw Driver



Electric Inverter

Protection Gloves

DIY solar panels manual

The need of the inverter is to convert the DC power into AC. Before you start building a solar panel you have to make sure that your home is situated in a suitable area where you can harvest the Sun's energy effectively.

solar system

Sunlight is the key ingredient and you must get enough of it to charge your batteries. Before installing the off grid solar system you must thoroughly check if your home receives the adequate sunlight and find the perfect location to place the solar panels. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 off grid solar power homes in the U.S. alone and the number is increasing rapidly.

To set a solar panel you will also need sufficient space; You can either place the solar panels in your backyard but it's recommended to have them on your roof top. Off grid solar power systems are the most effective yet pollution-free devices to make your own power and stop depending on your power company.

You won't need more than $200 and two days to build a fully functional solar panel that is ready to power up a few of your home appliances and start saving money on your electric bills right away. Apart from all the materials mentioned above your will need a proper set of instructions -- a DIY solar panel guide and you're all ready to start your solar project and start living off grid.

If you're tired of high electricity bills, discover how thousands of families worldwide benefit from homemade solar panels and wind turbines to power their homes.

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