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OULU wind solar complementary power generation system solution

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OULU wind solar complementary power generation system solution

1、 Electricity for rural life and production without electricity

System features:

Ø wind solar complementary power generation, stable and reliable system;

Ø the system integration design is perfect and ingenious, and the floor area is small;

Ø isolate the power frequency transformer to ensure the safety of the power end;

Ø the cost per kilowatt hour is lower than that of diesel power generation, with good economy;

Application fields: villages, temples, border posts, small islands, field workstations, etc.

2、 Street lamp lighting and monitoring

System features:

Ø independent power supply, without other auxiliary transmission equipment, the system is stable and reliable, and will not affect the power consumption of all load equipment in case of natural disasters;

Ø intelligent switch control, automatically sensing the change of external light without manual operation;

Ø exemption from the construction of substations, high and low voltage lines and high and low voltage distribution systems;

Ø the maintenance workload and corresponding expenses of power facilities have decreased significantly;

Ø low voltage power supply, safe operation and simple maintenance.

Lighting applications: urban street lamps; Rural street lamps; expressway; flood bank; Landscape engineering; Community public lighting, etc.

Monitoring application fields: traffic monitoring and indication; Security and national defense monitoring; Oil, natural gas and power line monitoring; Forest fire prevention monitoring, etc.

3、 Oil and gas collection

System features:

It is composed of wind and solar complementary power supply system and transmission equipment. Wind and solar power are used for power generation, and then the two are combined to achieve complementary advantages. It is used to supply power to pumping units, water pumps, duty rooms, street lamps, heating furnaces and other power consumption places in the well pad, greatly reducing the energy consumption in the well pad.

Application field: power supply for pumping units, water pumps, duty rooms, street lamps, heating furnaces and other well pad power consumption places.

4、 Communication base station

The remote communication base station can only obtain power from the rural power grid, which has poor stability, long transmission lines, poor reliability of power supply system and high construction cost. For the power supply of communication base stations in this area, the company has independently developed and produced the wind solar complementary power generation system for communication base stations, which does not need energy distribution, is not limited by the environment of the project site, has convenient construction and low construction cost, and can design the power generation system configuration scheme according to the requirements of different power loads of communication base stations to meet the requirements of power loads of various communication base stations, To ensure safe and smooth communication.

System features:

The wind solar complementary power supply system of communication base station is composed of wind turbine generator, solar cell module, mixed energy management integrated controller for communication, battery pack and outdoor insulation box of battery. Among them, the mixed energy integrated controller for communication adopts modular design, which fully meets the communication power supply standard. The sampling modular control. The system is divided into commercial power module, photovoltaic module, fan module and diesel engine module. Each module works separately and coordinates with each other, which is convenient for maintenance and capacity expansion, and meets the power supply system standard of the base station. Different module ratios can be adopted according to different occasions, different regions and different load requirements.

5、 Remote border post

The vast majority of China's border posts are located in remote areas, with high cold and hypoxia, rugged mountain roads and extremely difficult and dangerous environment. The construction of the three-dimensional border prevention and control system of the vast majority of border posts has not been completed, and the posts can only be powered by generators. Many inspection equipment can not be applied in time, and the problem of "difficult power consumption" is more prominent.

Solve the timely power supply of various inspection equipment, and greatly improve the efficiency of investigation and arrest; At the same time, it can also solve the power supply of mobile video TV, mobile communication base station and other equipment, and solve the daily communication needs; In addition, the daily lives of officers and soldiers can also be greatly improved.

System features: the wind solar complementary power generation system adopts the optimal algorithm to determine the working mode of different modules according to the power supply demand of different loads and the characteristics of working modules, so as to achieve efficient mixed energy operation efficiency and maximize the use of new energy for power generation. For example: mixed combination of fan module and photovoltaic module; Mixed combination of fan module, photovoltaic module and diesel module. Each module of the system adopts plug-in installation, which is convenient for later system maintenance and upgrading. Provide base station design scheme with high stability and reliability, one-stop service and whole process turnkey project.

Application fields: remote border posts, checkpoints, etc.

6、 Photovoltaic water lifting and photovoltaic irrigation

The water supply for human and livestock in villages, pastures and families can also be combined with water-saving irrigation to irrigate farmland and artificial grassland.

System features:

Solar photovoltaic water lifting device is light, convenient, flexible, wide application range and good economy. Traditionally, when the water pump is driven by the municipal power, the electric wire needs to be pulled to the water source, which is often a few kilometers or even farther away, and the power consumption is also very serious with the distance, and the cost is very high. Photovoltaic water lifting is installed at the nearest water source. It can work stably as long as there is good sunshine, whether in mountains or slopes. The water lifting system operates automatically without manual duty. One time investment, the system can be used for 20-25 years.

Application fields: Modern Agriculture in arid areas, farmland irrigation, drinking water for human and livestock, courtyard economy, landscaping of parks, fountains, oxygenation of fish and shrimp ponds, water supply and drainage of coastal salt farms, etc.

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