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OULU successfully landed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System in 2017

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On May 19, 2017, OULU successfully landed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System (NEEQ) and was officially listed for trading with the stock code 871415. This is a historic moment that will be recorded in the annals of new history, carrying the ten-year dream of oulu!

The NEEQ is known as the "Chinese version of Nasdaq". The successful listing on the NEEQ is the result of ten years of unremitting efforts of oulu Electric. It also bears witness to the strength of OULU. This is the pride of all of us at OULU.!

In order to achieve this goal, the company completed the shareholding system transformation in July 2016 and established a joint stock limited company. Since then, it has been perfecting and standardizing management, optimizing development strategies, and increasing profitability in accordance with the requirements of the shareholding system, and is always ready to enter the company's rapid development track.

Since its establishment, Eurofins has positioned itself as: committed to the development of industrial energy conservation and automation, new energy power, and is a leader in professional, high-end products and system integration in this industry in China! As a leader in this field, long-term Provide professional high-tech products and solutions for this technical field. Nowadays, the successful listing on the "New Third Board" is the result of solid work and standardized operation of OULU.Electric over the past ten years, and it is full of the wisdom, sweat and hard work of every employee. At the same time, we will take this listing as a new starting point and new driving force, make full use of the capital market to accelerate the pace of enterprise development, and take "creating a high energy-saving environment, and achieving the beauty of life with science and quality" as our mission, and contribute to the development of China's energy conservation, environmental protection and industrial automation. Make new and greater contributions.

Successfully landing on the "New Third Board" will help the company use the power of the capital market to achieve comprehensive and rapid development in marketing innovation, market development, etc.; it will help the company to regulate operations and establishment with more stringent requirements in the future development A more scientific and reasonable corporate governance structure can effectively improve the level of operation and management; it will help the company realize its own social value, attract more outstanding talents to join our team, and reserve power for the company's sustainable development.

We believe that listing on the "New OTC Market" is only an important milestone and a new starting point in the development of Eurofins. Under the leadership of the chairman of Jianghua, we will root in the Chinese market, base on the global market, be loyal and virtuous, build a business with precision, gather all employees to work together, realize the new development of OULU Electric, make the company stronger and bigger, and drive innovation in the industry ,Social Responsibility.

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