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How to Run a Home With Residential Off Grid Power Solutions?

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Whether you are interested in living off the grid for economic reasons, green living or both, residential off grid power solutions may be the answer for you. You will find that there are several effective methods that allow you to have the conveniences brought about by electricity while living off the grid. You will also be free you from the monthly power bill and the pollution caused by commercial electrical generating stations.

wind solar power solutions

Most off grid homes rely on either solar or wind energy to meet their electrical needs. There advantages and disadvantages to both systems, and either system needs a back up source of energy for those times when you are unable to generate your power through wind or solar energy. Most back up systems rely on a generator that is powered by hydrocarbon fuel.

Solar power is appropriate for homes that have many days of sunshine. If you live in an area that is often overcast or has very short winter days, solar power may not be an effective way to generate your power. In addition if you live in a valley or where there is a lot of tree coverage, the system may not work well for you. Solar systems do not produce power at night, so most systems store power from the day and use a battery storage system to power the home at night.

solar panels

In order to use a wind system, you will need to have about an acre of property. This gives plenty of room for the guy wires to hold the tower with the turbine and generator about 100 feet in the air where it is not affected by buildings or trees. This system also relies on a battery backup system to prevent over powering appliances using the wind power.

2kw wind turbine

Although not as common as either solar or wind energy, there is also some work being done on small scale hydroelectric water power. Hydroelectric power generates twenty four hours per day and makes a great back up plan for either solar or wind energy.

No matter which residential off grid power solutions you choose, you can know that you are doing your part to improve our world and lower your energy bill.

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