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Household wind solar complementary power generation equipment

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Household wind solar complementary power generation equipment_ Simple household new energy power generation system

household wind solar power

Both wind resources and solar energy resources are uncertain. Due to the uncertainty of resources, the electricity generated by wind power generation and solar power generation systems is unbalanced and cannot be directly used to supply power to loads. In order to provide a stable power supply for the load, it is necessary to use the battery as the "hub" to provide a stable power supply for the load. The intelligent wind solar hybrid power generation system composed of batteries, solar panels, wind turbines and controllers can well link the complementarities of wind energy and solar energy in time and region. The main products include 100W-5KW small and medium-sized wind turbines, wind and photovoltaic controller inverters, wind solar complementary power generation systems, wind solar complementary street lamps, wind diesel complementary systems, wind diesel complementary systems, etc., and provide project consulting, system design, technical support and other services. The wind solar hybrid power generation system is mainly composed of wind turbine, solar panel, controller, inverter, battery pack, cable, support and auxiliary parts to form a power generation system. At night and in rainy days when there is no sunshine, wind power is used to generate electricity, while solar power is used to generate electricity in sunny days. When there is both wind and sun, both of them play a role at the same time, realizing the all-weather power generation function, which is more economical, scientific and practical than wind turbine and solar energy alone. 1. Low temperature performance: whether the unit has the low temperature resistance performance, such as whether the unit stops due to vibration when the temperature is more than ten degrees below zero. The blade material we choose is reinforced fiberglass material, which has the hardness of glass, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and the hardness of steel. 2. Lightning protection performance: the lightning protection system was installed during the research and development of the equipment, so that you can use it with ease. 3. The unit is super waterproof and anti-corrosion, which can isolate the erosion or pollution of wind, rain or anything else, extend the service life, reduce the maintenance demand and reduce the maintenance cost; 4. The requirements for the climate and wind speed in the installation area are very low when starting with light wind, and there is basically no requirement for the climate. 5. Stylish and elegant, and accept personalized customization. 6. The wind turbine has operational reliability and technical maturity, which is your best choice

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