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Get free electricity by wind energy

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The use of wind turbines is to continuously turn wind energy into standard commercial electricity for our families. The degree of saving is obvious. A family's annual electricity consumption costs only 20 yuan of battery liquid. However, the performance of the current wind turbine is much better than that of a few years ago. It was only used in a few remote areas before. The wind turbine is connected to a 15W bulb to directly use electricity. The bulb is often damaged when it is bright and dark. Now, due to technological progress, with advanced chargers and inverters, wind power generation has become a small system with certain scientific and technological content, and can replace normal municipal electricity under certain conditions. The mountain area can use this system to make a street lamp that costs nothing all the year round; Freeways can be used as road signs at night; Children in mountainous areas can study by themselves at night under fluorescent lamps; Wind turbines can also be used on the roofs of small high-rise buildings in cities, which is not only economical but also a real green power supply. Household wind turbines can not only prevent power failure, but also increase the interest of life. In tourist attractions, border defense, schools, troops and even backward mountain areas, wind turbines are becoming a hot procurement spot.

24v wind turbine

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