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500VA -2000VA solar controller inverter two in one

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GS solar controller inverter 2kva

Function Characteristics of GS Series Solar Controller Inverter

  1. Output frequency: 50.00HZ /60.00HZ

  2. >110% rated current 1 minInverter efficiency: ≥90%

  3. Output wave form: pure sine wave

  4. Waveform distortion factor:<5.0%

  5. Overload protection:

    >150% rated current 20s

    >180% rated current 5s

    >200% rated current 0s

    6.  Communication function: RS485

    7.  Use environment:

    Temperature: -10℃~40℃

    Humidity: <95% non-condensing

    Avoid direct sunlight

    8. Mainly used on non-electricity area, which can satisfy user’s normal use.

    solar controller inverter 1kva

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