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2kw wind solar complementary power system

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Small wind turbine - household new energy product - 2KW wind wind complementary system

2kw wind solar system

The wind solar hybrid power generation system is mainly composed of wind turbine, solar panel, controller, inverter, battery pack, cable, support and auxiliary parts to form a power generation system. Wind power is used to generate electricity at night and on rainy days when there is no sunshine, and solar power is used to generate electricity on sunny days. When there is both wind and sun

It has played a role in realizing the all-weather power generation function, which is more economical, scientific and practical than single fan and solar energy.

Scheme features:

Completely use wind energy and solar energy for complementary power generation without external power supply;

Exemption from building substations, erecting high and low voltage lines and high and low voltage distribution systems;

It has the characteristics of day and night complementation and seasonal complementation, and the system is stable, reliable and cost-effective;

The workload of power facility maintenance and the corresponding expenses have decreased significantly;

Independent power supply, which will not affect the power consumption of all users in case of natural disasters;

Low voltage power supply, safe operation and simple maintenance.

Applicable model: 500W-20KW

Configuration: wind turbine, solar panel, controller, inverter, battery

Application fields: communication base stations, microwave stations, outposts, remote areas, islands, etc


Independent system, easy to install, no need to lay long-distance transmission lines

Wind energy and light energy complement each other and provide stable power supply

No electricity charge, low maintenance cost, and effectively reduce power cost

Efficient use of renewable energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, pollution-free and radiation free

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