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2020 year OULU Annual Conference

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When the 2020 New Year bell strikes, the whole country is being plagued by the epidemic. After staying at home for a few days during the Spring Festival holiday, work was still unable to resume due to the impact of the epidemic. Suddenly recalling the last large-scale event before the epidemic-the OULU Annual Conference, a rush of heat surged in my heart, and I realized that my feelings for the company became deeper and deeper. On January 18, 2020, Nanjing OULU Electric Corp., Ltd.'s 2019 summary and commendation meeting and 2020 welcome party were held in Hemantang Hotel. With the theme of "innovation, pragmatism, new atmosphere, new journey", all the employees of Nanjing oulu Electric and Zhongzhi Electric, and the heads of enterprises in the Zhongzhi Intelligent Technology Park gathered together to look back on 2019 and look forward to the new journey in 2020! 

This year's annual meeting is different from previous years. Before the start of the party, the company has carefully prepared 4 indoor outreach games for us, which are designed to reduce our usual work pressure, increase communication between colleagues, and enhance corporate cohesion. The winning teams in the game were the inverter sales department, the servo motor department and the wind turbine generator marketing department.


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